Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips If Meet With Dogs

When the streets you do not accidentally cross paths with a dog? Choose cekidot (read: vague) atouw continue your journey, gan?? Suggestions mending ane ane aja choose the second alternative dech! Sure previously wrote agan already fully understand the tips and tricks to see if these dogs.

Tips to avoid in order not bitten:

Never approach a strange dog, especially a dog that is bound, keeping fences or automobile. Do not keep a dog without letting the dog see or sniff you first.

Do not ever turn your back and run away. Instinctively dogs have the instinct to chase and catch prey that escape

Do not disturb a dog while they are sleeping, eating, chewing toys or looking after her baby.

Always be alert. Keep in your mind that the dog does not know you, think that you are an intruder or stalker.

Now suddenly klo loe not done anything wrong taunya loe attack dog, bijimana ngadepinnya ...?

Do not ever run and scream. Remain calm, hands are beside your body and avoid eye contact with the dog.

If the dog does attack, give them your jacket or any feedback that you can give to download distraction dog.

trus .....
1. instint always believe we (humans), if your heart says, the dog was going to be after us .. should not be passed .. (The hearts of motorcycle / bicycle this notice).
2. if it takes the experience .. note the expression on the dog (offensive). fierce dogs look easy, it they will bark and bite keluarin fangs, if the dog ngak grumpy and tend taciturn?? nah watch face expression .. if the dog-faced fear, and his ears down to the rear, the tail hiding inside crotch. The dogs would be wise not to be approached again .. moreover held .. guaranteed going to bite.
3. Do not ever touch a dog that belom you know .. unless your dog deketin, ngendus, then shake a tail .. deh be held ..
4. tunjukin never fear, if you are more fierce tunjukin (ngak apply for a trained pitbull fierce).
5. female dogs were pregnant too offensive, be careful.
6. if the employer met the dog for fun like I also cautious. hahahhaha .. chow2 in my house, can I tell bite people, but can be told to stop as well .. hahahhaha ..

Lastly, if you managed to get bitten, try to not be dog-paranoia. Not all evil dog, too!

Good luck n hopefully useful ....